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here are the rules:
- no collaborations
- no ripping!
- has to be made within the week
- no tuts

Deadline: 3/4/2011 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time, or 10 GMT PM!

Please make the signature no bigger than 500 X 200!

This weeks sig theme is a Science Fiction. Anything thats Science fiction is allowed Wink

After you make your entry make sure it has the word GFX Freeze on it somewhere, and also make sure your name is no where on the sig. Also PM the entrys to the admin (PlatinumWata) when completed, as the entrys have to remain annoyomous.

Winner Gets:

- A place in the winner's gallery (with that signature you won with)
- A colored ranking for these forums (Junior Designer - Pink Name)
- A skill, to show off how many contests you joined and won

Yes, PlatinumWata is making ranks rare. (and colors)

Junior Designer - Won 2 contests
Elite Designer - Won 7 contests
Master Designer - Won 15 contests

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think ill leave it this week tbh not a clue what i could make.

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bit vague..

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bit vague = more freedom

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Theirs loads of things that can be done.

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what are some things?

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Type science fiction on Google, and many images pop up. You could do a movie, or some cool image that fits the category.

It will look very cool.

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-Gavino wrote:what are some things?
You don't know what science fiction is?

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