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1Monthly Freeze - 5 15/10/2011 - 15/11/2011 Empty Monthly Freeze - 5 15/10/2011 - 15/11/2011 on Sat Oct 15, 2011 8:09 am

Hello everyone,

As you know i've been looking to get some good prizes for the GFX Freeze community. And i've finally got a great prize, thanks to Akyanyme!

Lets get started!

What is the "Monthly Freeze"?

The Monthly Freeze is a contest that will be hosted every month. Each month their will be a graphic contest, that will have prizes to win. Every months prize will be the prize that Akyanyme has given us [listed below]. A few more prizes may be added aswell, in the future.

What is the theme for this month?

The theme allocated for this month, is Tv Series. Chosen to avoid the common Sport related contest and therefore to test your skill in a situation you may not be used to. Anyway, it is rather simple, make a Graphic of your favourite Tv Series. However, I also want you to include a prominent quote from that series also within the graphic. Thereby making it more challenging.

What are the rules?

- No collabs
- No tuts (you can use tuts to help you learn new material, but you cant you the tuts main materials, such as the background they used etc)
- No ripping
- Your large art must be new (if you make a vector it has to made when you make the graphic)
- Must be a Tv Series.
- Must include a Quote from the Tv Series.

What to do with your entry?

Please post your entry only in the thread provided

Other important facts

- On the 15th at 5 Eastern Time all entires are due, and their will be a voting thread
- The public votes the top 3 large arts/wallpapers
- The GFX Freeze moderators vote the winner out of those three large arts/wallpapers
- The moderators can enter the contest, and if their large art/wallpaper is in the top 3 they won't vote, and an alternative moderator will vote. (keep in mind we have quite a few moderators)


The winner of this contest will get a custom made wallpaper made by Akyanyme, which is a 50 dollar value. Also the winner will gain a GFX Freeze contest win.

When their is a winner I will tell Akyanyme who won, and Aky will PM you on GFX Freeze.

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