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This judging voting system worked good, but I am changing the voting back to the old voting system where the public votes. The results in either system are very similar, and only having judges voting is a pointless concept as I want to get the public involved too. So, from now on the voting will be like last time where the public gets to vote. To be honest, I was never disappointed when the public voted, as the people that won were always the right ones in my opinion.

If you want to know how many points your avatar got from the judges, please PM me.

First Place - Number 9, made by -Gavino
Second Place - Number 4, made by haydos
Third Place - Number 5, made by DavisUnited21

These are the people that made what! (sorry if I spelt your username wrong)

1) wbabaggies
2) VdV
3) Dash
4) haydos
5) DavisUnited21
6) SmithRFC
7) abishop10
8) Tim
9) -Gavino


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Oh i thought id come in top 3 of aotw Sad

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Well done haydos and gavino good ava's

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Congrats to the winners!

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haha me and gavino used the same stock Laughing

congrats winners!

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