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Their was a tie breaker for first place, and a tie breaker for third place. This tie breaker was un-tied by me asking 3 random user's to vote between the two avatars that are tied. The avatar that got 2 out of the 3 votes, won that place.

First Place - Number 4, made by d0nkd0nk
Second Place - Number 1, made by haydos
Third Place - Number 2, made by wbabaggies
Fourth Place - Number 5, made by bacon
Fifth Place - Number 3, made by Dash

These are the people that made what! (sorry if I spelt your username wrong)

1) haydos
2) wbabaggies
3) Dash
4) d0nkd0nk
5) bacon






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cheers . Congrats Haydos & wbaggies

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congrats, donk.. amazing entry Wink

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congrats donk and everyone else

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