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Here are the rules:
- no ripping!
- has to be made within the week
- no tuts
- the person you collaborate must be from THIS site

Deadline: 2/18/2011 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time, or 10 GMT PM!

Please make the signature no bigger than 500 X 200!

This weeks sig theme is freestyle collaborations. You can make the sig about anything, as long as it is a collaboration.

After you make your entry make sure it has the words GFX Freeze on it somewhere, and also make sure your name is no where on the sig. Also PM the entrys (BOTH THE START AND THE FINISH, to prove it was a collab) to me (d0nkd0nk) when completed, as the entrys have to remain annoyomous.

Post in this thread who your partner is, or if you need one.

I am the host of this weeks contests. As mentioned above send me the entry PM! I only need one of you to send me the PM, not both.

Format of the PM.

Title - SOTW 9 Entry


[Final Signature Image]


First User Start

[First User Start Image]


Winner Gets:

- A place in the winner's gallery (with that signature you won with)
- A colored ranking for these forums (Junior Designer - Pink Name)
- A skill, to show off how many contests you joined and won

Yes, PlatinumWata is making ranks rare. (and colors)

Junior Designer - Won 2 contests
Elite Designer - Won 7 contests
Master Designer - Won 15 contests

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