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here are the rules:
- no collaborations
- no ripping!
- has to be made within the week
- no tuts

Deadline: 1/21/2011 at 12:00 (noon) Eastern Time!

Please make the avatar no bigger than 100 X 100!

This week you must create an avatar/icon of a football player who has recently been transferred (in the current transfer window). e.g. Ronaldinho > Flamengo. You must make an ava of the player in their new team's kit, or wearing some sort of merchandise etc. of their new team.

PM the entrys to the admin (PlatinumWata) when completed, as the entrys have to remain anonymous.

Winner Gets:

- A place in the winner's gallery (with that avatar you won with)
- A contest win towards a new rank

Yes, PlatinumWata is making ranks rare. (and colors)

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Elite Designer - Won 7 contests
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Razz first sounds good Very Happy how recent does this have to be?

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bacon wrote:Razz first sounds good Very Happy how recent does this have to be?

"from the current transfer window".

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If people are struggling for players to work on, go onto the FIFA 11 ULTIMATE TEAM forums, go to General Discussion. stickied will be a thread named Incoming Transfers. here you will find names of players you can work on.

the thread isnt working at the mo, but hopefully it will be fixed soon. Smile

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Would Beckham at Tottenham count?

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wbabaggies wrote:Would Beckham at Tottenham count?


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beckham has'nt moved though he is only training tbh and ive done my ava btw pal

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